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Sciences Po is a renowned French university specialised in political and international studies.

One of Sciences Po's strengths is its international openness. Thanks to this influence, Sciences Po has established several dual degree programs with renowned international universities. Here is the list of all the dual Bachelor's degree programs, and you can find all the information on the Sciences Po website.

  • Columbia University (New York, USA)
  • University of California (UC Berkeley, USA)
  • Freie Universität Berlin (Germany)
  • University of Hong Kong (China)
  • Keio University (Tokyo, Japan)
  • National University of Singapore (Singapore)
  • University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada)
  • University College London (United Kingdom)
  • University of Sydney (Australia)

The principle is simple: if you are accepted, you spend 2 years at Sciences Po and 2 years at the partner university. You graduate with two degrees (it's in the title). It is an incredibly enriching experience, both academically, culturally, and personally. Our amazing coach Camille, who went to Berkeley, explains everything in detail in this article. Sciences Po dual degrees offer a remarkable opportunity to leverage the strengths of two distinct academic systems, immerse oneself in diverse cultural and linguistic environments, and acquire two bachelor's degrees from esteemed universities within just four years.

Navigating the rigorous selection process necessitates a comprehensive understanding of the expectations set by both universities you apply to, compelling you to impress each institution. Each dual degree program entails a unique selection process and application timeline. Nonetheless, all applicants must demonstrate proficient language skills in English, furnish a well-crafted written application (often a personal statement), and undergo an interview if invited.

Fortunately, at Le Repaire (our organization), we are well-versed in this matter, and we offer specific support for international dual degree programs while maintaining our principles:

  • 100% online preparation, with a dedicated course on the dual degree application procedure.
  • Regular coaching sessions with our specialized coaches, all of whom have completed a dual degree program themselves.
  • Access to collective resources for developping your logn-term skills while preparing for the application.
  • All of this with a positive and supportive atmosphere!

We explain everything in detail below.

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Sciences Po Dual Degrees - Online Preparation

If you are considering on applying for a Sciences Po dual degree program, consider the following factors:

- Financial Considerations: Dual degree programs vary in cost and can constitute a significant investment. Familiarize yourself with the program expenses and explore the financial aid opportunities offered by Sciences Po and its partner universities.

-Application Timeline: Each dual degree program adheres to a distinct timeline. However, most applications are due between November and February, necessitating early preparation to unleash your full potential.

-Language Requirements: Fluency in French is typically not mandatory for most dual degree programs, but a strong command of English (usually at the C1 level) is required. Our preparation resources can assist you in preparing for language proficiency tests.

The registration for the international dual degree preparation is open. Here are the different deadlines for submitting the application documents:


- Columbia University: January 2, 2024

- UC Berkeley: November 30, 2023

- Freie Universität Berlin: April 6, 2024

- University of Hong Kong: April 6, 2024

- Keio University: April 6, 2024

- National University of Singapore: March 3, 2024 (Singapore students: December 31, 2023)

- University of British Columbia: January 12, 2024

- University College London: January 25, 2024

- University of Sydney: tbc

Online ressources

Axis 1: The online course

Pedagogical resources accessible from your personal space, allowing you to work on every aspect of your application step by step.

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On the agenda:

In about twenty chapters, organized in a logical progression tailored to the requirements of dual degree programs, we cover all the important points, from necessary self-reflection to your core skills, and we guide you step by step towards submitting your application and preparing for the admission interview.


Axis 2: La Prep's plateform

La Prep is curated collection of content designed for and/or by candidates preparing for competitive entrance exams for admission to prestigious schools.

You will have access to various resources that will allow you to deepen your knowledge, broaden your intellectual horizons, and engage in discussions with your peers.


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  • Access to our collaborative platform, where you can interact with coaches and fellow students.
  • Dedicated newsletters.
  • A module on general culture in which you can participate.
  • Guest talks by alumni of Sciences Po and partner universities
  • And other surprises...


Tutoring and coaching

Axis 1: Individual tutoring

Throughout the preparation, a dedicated coach will accompany, support, and guide you. Your coach will be your "selection process fairy-godmother", helping you closely to triumph in the challenging selection process.

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Every week, you will have sessions with your coach, following two formats:

  • Individual sessions: These sessions are tailored 100% to your profile, focusing on your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Group sessions (in groups of 3): These sessions cover specific topics related to methodology or knowledge, in line with the course content. It's also an opportunity to review and correct exercises from the course.

In addition to coaching sessions, your coach will be your main point of contact, and you can directly communicate with them through private messages.


Axis 2: Collective tutoring

Every week, all the applicants come together to discuss a specific aspect of the preparation, based on the schedule and course material. This session provides an opportunity to practice together and address any questions you may have.




Our wonderful team comprises tutors from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, ready to support both French and international applicants, whether you possess fluency in English or are still refining your language skills, and regardless of your location around the world.

Sciences Po Paris & UC Berkeley
Coach Sciences Po Paris & Dual Degrees
Sciences Po Paris & UC Berkeley
Coach Sciences Po Paris & Dual Degrees
Sciences Po Paris & Columbia University
Coach Sciences Po Paris & Dual Degrees
Western Michigan University / LSE / McGill
Coach Sciences Po & Dual Degrees

Our offers

We provide a range of options to cater your needs: the standard preparatory program, a program with an IELTS module (often required in applicaiton documents), an an express program tailored specifically for enhancing oral skills, ideal for those preparing solely for admission interviews.

Feel free to contact us for more information at or +33 1 86 95 23 35. We will be happy to assist you!

Note: Since the calendars for each dual degree program vary significantly, registrations to our preparations are subject to our validation to ensure that there is sufficient time to complete the application process.

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